Saturday, 6. July 2024 14:00

Creative Play: Design a Record Cover for an Imaginary Town


In this workshop Scottish Illustrator and Folk-lover Jonny Hannah takes you to Darktown: a mysterious coastal town, not found on any map, peopled by pin-up girls, jazz artists and tattooed sailors, where you’ll create a record cover for the Jukebox at Mermaid Café in Downtown Darktown.

This is how it works:
You will each be given a 12-inch record, and you will each choose a song, on a piece of paper, from the magic hat. Your job is to transform the cover of the existing song/tune, into your new, chosen track.

To transform your record, use anything you want … collage, market pens, brush & ink, cut or torn paper. You might want to cover your record cover in white paint & start again, or use some of the existing imagery – eyes are always good to leave & have fun with.

The title of the song & band name must be on there. So, is your new cover all handmade typography, or is it a mix of text & image? Or is it mainly a collage with the song in a speech bubble? It’s up to you. Have a quick listen to the song you’ve picked from the magic hat, but don’t think too much. Just do it.

The point of this workshop is to play. There are almost no rules, but break them anyway. Think Paris 68, think Dada, think Howard Finster. Make a mess, have fun!

You will need: Any materials you want to use. If you like using paint, bring some. Bring glue & scissors. Bring marker pens. Bring something to collage with. Do what you like…


In short
Duration: 3 hrs Language: English Plätze | Participants: min 5, max 20
silent green, Gerichtstr. 35, 13347 Berlin
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