Saturday, 6. July 2024 14:00

Move So Smooth—Variable Font Production in Glyphs


Glyphs workshop no. 2

Introduction to how variable fonts work: we will build a simple 1-glyph variable font, and export it, peek inside the compiled OTVAR, and properly produce and test a variable font.

You will learn about:
• reading the OpenType spec
• avar, gvar, STAT and fvar tables
• custom parameters and settings in the latest version of Glyphs
• find and avoid interpolation issues
• useful Glyphs extensions for variable font production
• third-party software and websites for testing

Some experience recommendable.


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In short
Glyphs Workshop no. 2 Duration: 3 hrs Language: English (Deutsch) Bring your own MacBook with Glyphs 3 preinstalled Participants: min 5, max 25
silent green, Gerichtstr. 35, 13347 Berlin
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