Francis Chouquet

Francis Chouquet

Francis Chouquet

Lettering + Logo Design

About Francis

As long as Francis can remember, he has been drawn to drawing. For nearly a decade, he focused his work around letters. Since then, he cannot stop to explore the alphabet and the sheer infinite ways to write and draw letters. His work is strongly influenced by American lettering styles from the 40s to the 70s with joyful, funky and destructured forms. In 2018, he published “the Lettering Workshops”, a book to help creative people to learn lettering.

Francis Chouquet: How Drawing Letters Everyday Changed my Life


ab 250 €

pro Person

  • Jeden Tag ab 13:30
  • Jede Menge Vorträge
  • Jeden Abend Get-together


ab 120 €


  • Täglich mehrere Workshops
  • Kleine Gruppen persönlich betreut
  • Thematisch vielfältig


ab 220 €


  • Täglich nur 1 Workshop
  • Limitiert max. 16 Plätze
  • Intensive Stunden
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