Playful Type Design without Computer – with High on Type

Playful Type Design without Computer – with High on Type
17. Mai 2019
10:00 – 13:00
English Lettering

Playful Type Design without Computer – with High on Type

→ A painter paints a triptych, an illustrator makes a series of 5 illustrations, a photographer makes series of 12 photographs, a graphic designer designs 18 icons, and the letter maker makes – at least – a series of 26 characters.

Where to start? What is the hierarchy of characteristics? And how to design and apply all the rules of your own system consistently? And how to do this all in an experimental way? That’s for you to discover in our ‚Playful type design without computer’- masterclass. There’s already so many letters, alphabets and typefaces in this world, so what will make your alphabet your alphabet? You will find out answers to that and more questions by yourself in these three hours of playing and serious fun with letters.

At a glance

  • The workshop runs for three hours.
  • No previous knowledge is required for the workshop.
  • There are up to 20 participants. The workshop takes place from a minimum group size of 5 people.
  • The participation costs 120 €.
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  • Jeden Tag ab 13:30
  • Jede Menge Vorträge
  • Jeden Abend Get-together


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  • Täglich mehrere Workshops
  • Kleine Gruppen persönlich betreut
  • Thematisch vielfältig


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  • Limitiert max. 16 Plätze
  • Intensive Stunden