Elena Albertoni und Juliane Kownatzki

»Bold & Gold – Hand Painted Signs and Other Curiosities«
18. Mai 2019
15:00 – 15:30
English Lettering

»Bold & Gold – Hand Painted Signs and Other Curiosities«

→ Sign Painting has a long tradition in Berlin but unfortunately died out as a craft over the past decades, replaced by cheaper print techniques and vinyl.
Which techniques are still known today? What has changed since the old times? How is it possible to reintegrate sign painting again into the modern Berlin cityscape? Font Designer & Sign Painter Elena Albertoni of “La Letterista” and Restorer & Sign Painter Juliane Kownatzki of “Studio Elm”, both well experienced in the field of letter design, painting and glass gilding, will give an insight on Berlin’s sign painting history, today’s state and a little overview of the common techniques of hand painted signs. Elena and Juliane will talk in English.


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