Paul Antonio

Paul Antonio: 3000 Years of the Western Alphabet
28. Mai 2020
14:30 – 15:15
→English Kalligrafie

Paul Antonio: 3000 Years of the Western Alphabet

→ Do you know where the letters you write come from? Those 26 little letters, x2, because your upper case and lowercase have different origins, have a long and complex beginning. It is all down to the need to record how much food we had to feed people and to record our thoughts on religious matters. This talk will start with how Ancient Egyptian and Cuneiform mixed together because of slavery, and how that blending allowed for the basis of the western letterforms to develop. We will walk through a demonstration of lettering history from the Romans Capitals scripts, to the Irish Uncials all the way through the variety of the Gothic Period then the evolution of Italic into Copperplate Script.


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