Sunday, 7. July 2024 10:00

Typographic Storytelling


This 3-hour workshop will guide and inspire you to turn a language-based concept into a narrative and visual-based art project for a wider audience.

Whether you’re working on an initial creative spark or a larger idea, you’ll exclusively use typography and lettering as your means of expression.

Depending on how you draw each character within a word or phrase, individual letterforms convey an emotional expression—literally, acting as characters in a story by establishing tone and conveying nuance that informs the viewer about deeper messaging beyond the given word or phrase.

In this workshop, we will practice drawing words and phrases in a spectrum of styles to showcase the various moods that are always hiding behind written words. Using various drawing styles—ranging from fundamental elements of line, shape, direction, texture, and more playful modes of experimentation—we’ll start with individual letters and build up to chatty words and phrases. Our guiding questions will be: “How expressive is my mark-making?” and “What am I trying to say?”. This way, you’ll learn how to combine drawing style with tone and messaging to transform ordinary words into an extraordinary story. Once we tackle fundamentals of drawing words and phrases, we’ll move onto design strategies for how you can develop bigger ideas for exploring lengthier type-based narratives.

In the second-half of the class, we’ll focus on developing your own passion projects and discuss how research can inform a project, how a series of work can deepen your understanding of your project, and how you can engage different audiences by the way you deliver a project—for example as an artist book, in a gallery, or a site specific installation.

In this workshop, participants with a general understanding of drawing principles will be able to push their lettering toward experimental and playful directions. Beginner-level letterers and those with a sense of adventure are welcome, too.

Participants should bring three pieces of writing:
1). a list of words you like and dislike;
2). a list of intriguing phrases;
3). and a one-page, non-fiction story—which can be found, overheard, or written by you.

In short
Duration: 3 hrs Language: English Plätze | Participants: min 5, max 20
silent green, Gerichtstr. 35, 13347 Berlin
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