Sunday, 7. July 2024 13:15

Cancelled: Paid 2 Draw: Live Interview with Ximena Jiménez

Live Interview (English)

Paid 2 Draw is a new podcast about the business side of illustration hosted by Viktoria Cichoń and David Leutert — two illustrators and lettering artists from Berlin. They interview inspiring creatives about how they manage to get paid doing what they love. On the first three seasons, Vicky and Dave talk to lettering legends like Mary Kate McDevitt, Martina Flor, Cymone Wilder, Marte, Scott Biersack and Abraham Lule. During this year’s Berlin Letters Festival they will be doing an exclusive live interview with Colombian lettering artist and muralist Ximena Jiménez.

The interview will take place during the lunch break.

silent green · Gerichtstr. 35 · 13347 Berlin